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    We have made it simple for everyone to transfer safely with cryptocurrency.

    From ICOs to Online Shops. From Writing Articles or Web Design. Transfer the secure way with GEBEPAY.



    We at the GeBe Group are in the middle of an ICO. We believe that the blockchain and smart contracts will change the future.

    We have some exciting and real platforms that will change the world. From payments to digital certifications.

  • GeBe Travel

    Thinking of your next trip?

    We at the GeBe Group have launched GeBe Travel, where you can now use cryptocurrency to buy flights & hotels. 

    Discounts for GeBeCoin investors 

How it works

It is very simple & secure for you to use. We personally have experienced scammers. Gebepay will hold the transaction until each party is happy with the trade. Then we will release the BTC or ETH. Even if you think you can trust the other party, it's better to be safe than sorry. Only around a 1% fee.

Create a Transaction

We have made it easy for you to create a Transaction

All you have to do is:

For the Seller/Buyer is to create a transaction and wait for the buyer to transfer the BTC or ETH.

Protected Till Your Happy

Once the payment is in the GeBePay Wallet then the Seller can send the product or service.

Both Parties can view the transaction every step of the way


Receive Product or Service

Once the Seller sends the product or completes the service, they will confirm on the Transaction that they have completed.

Once the Buyer has received the product or service, they will confirm on the transaction that they have the product or service.

Only then will the BTC or ETH get released to the Seller.



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Why Choose US

During our GeBe Coin ICO we have experience fraudsters first hand. This is why we decided to help everyone not fall into the same trap. We truly believe in the cryptocurrency market but want to make sure everyone is safe and protected at the same time

Safe And Secure

Protected and safe way to buy products or services with BTC or ETH.

Mobile App

Once we are happy with the online platform we will create an APP for you to use. 

Secure Wallet

All the GeBePay wallets are offline so making it very safe & secure

Protected By Us

We will make sure that both parties have protection when doing a transaction through us.

In any dispute, we will do our very best to make sure we treat all cases seriously, with care and attention.

Rate the Seller

We will have an area on the platform were people can rate the Sellers

This will give you a guide if you would like to create a transaction with them.

Continue to develop

We at the GeBe Group are looking to continue to develop new platforms and increase the technology behind each platform.

Our next step will be to make an API for online shops and much much more……..

Why Cryptocurrency ?

Over the last couple of years, the term cryptocurrency has been rapidly gaining ground and understanding of its use and value in the public eye. At first it seemed unfamiliar and somewhat scary like the credit card looked to users in its early days. You might be more familiar with terms like Bitcoin, and Ether. These are all cryptocurrencies using the Blockchain Technology to keep this currency and technology safe.

  • Fraud Proof
  • Lower Fees
  • Access to Everyone
  • Decentralized
  • Rate the Seller

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